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✅ Learn everything about Instagram

✅ Photography & Editing for Instagram

✅ Viral Reels

✅ Earn money with Instagram

✅ Instagram Marketing & Brandbuilding

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INSTA PRO Academy at a glance:

Instagram Basics

✅ Account optimisation
✅ Range
✅ Algorithm
✅ Followers
✅ Posts
✅ Stories

Rock Your Reels

✅ Create Viral Reels
✅ Create reels on the mobile phone
✅ Views to Follows
✅ Build reach
✅ Factors for virality
✅ Common mistakes

The Art of INSTA

✅ Photography Basics
✅ Rules of photography
✅ Storytelling in pictures
✅ Professional image editing on the mobile phone
✅ From the idea to the finished picture

Instagram Marketing

✅ Digital Storytelling
✅ Building a brand
✅ Selling via Instagram

Instagram Business

✅ Ways to make money with Instagram
✅ The best platforms and apps for cooperation
Tips for your business
✅ Media Kit Template
✅ Get collaborations
Coming 2022

Photo Pro

✅ Camera basics
✅ Mobile phone basics
✅ Important settings
✅ Working with light
✅ Tips for Slow Motion
Coming 2022

Strike a Pose

✅ Portrait
✅ Full body shots
✅ Sitting Poses
✅ Look taller/slimmer
✅ Couple Posing

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14 days money back guarantee

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Range explosion

Hey 🥰

Your Insta Pro course is really making my range shoot through the roof right now! 😍

Before I applied your tips, my range was so low that it was frustrating. And now? I think the insights of the last 1.5 weeks speak for themselves 💗 .

I think it's great to be given the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of successful Instagrammers. It's only fair that you charge a certain price for it. After all, these are real insider tips that are worth their weight in gold!


Photographer, @wing.vagabond

Valuable tips explained in an understandable way

I enjoy Instagram but didn't know what to look out for or how to improve. Then I became aware of the INSTA PRO course - and after completing the course I am absolutely thrilled!
The course contains easy-to-understand step-by-step explanations as well as clear examples that not only helped me improve my profile, but also my reach.

I was particularly surprised by Module 1 - Basics. Here I got valuable tips on how to make the user curious about my account from the first glance. I had paid far too little attention to these aspects before the course.


Author, @juliahausburg

Finally a plan

I love your Instagram work and I'm not so happy with my 9-5 job myself. It was an impulse buy as I had a really crappy week, but I don't regret it!
The biggest problem for me was/is building an active community and creating appropriate content.
Your course showed me where I have to work on myself and what I have to do. I was already aware of a lot of things, but to hear it again in such concrete terms was very good.
I have a much better plan, am more determined and feel more confident.
What I liked best was the introduction to bio and name and the module with the photo and editing tips. I'm still at the beginning, but I think I was able to take a lot away with me.

Thanks again for your great work and all the inspiration ❤️

Kind regards


aspiring influencer, @Jessy.forester

Learned a lot

My problem before the course was that I didn't know how to reach enough people and how to best design my profile. In this respect, the course helped me in that I adapted both the look of my profile and the content more to my future content. The first step for me was a completely new profile. Thanks to Tori's feedback, I have also finally banned unnecessary things in carousel posts from my profile.
Now - after the course - I pay more attention to really posting stories, posts and captions related to my niches and especially with hashtags (especially with the right ones 🤩) I now sometimes manage to reach 3 to 4 times as many people as before.

I found the "Reels" module the most interesting and important. Because it is precisely through this that you can reach so many more people. But the topic of content creation is also indispensable. And that's why I think it's just as important and Tori simply succeeded so well. And alone, the effort that went into it, and of course the great support from herself, was definitely more than worth it.


aspiring influencer, @sarinspired

Valuable info

My goal was to get the most out of my Instagram profile and thanks to your course and your personal opinion, it all worked out great.

All the contents of the course are incredibly valuable. The topic of image editing and reels helped me the most. Because I didn't really have any experience in image editing and no experience in reels, it was really great.

Thank you for this valuable course.



Range boost

🤩 Thank you for all the tips. It was the best decision to get the course 😅 Awesome. With my current two pictures the range was already twice as high as days before 😂.


Influencer, @lakrost


There is so much competition on Instagram. Can I even become successful in 2022?

There is not just one actor, one singer, one lawyer or one chef. No matter what field, there is ALWAYS competition. But everyone is different, everyone has something special & for everyone there is the right target group.

That's the reason why new people keep coming in and succeeding in the most diverse fields 🚀

That is exactly why I offer this course. Just because someone else has success doesn't diminish my own. YOU can become big on Instagram, it won't make me smaller. There are enough followers for EVERYONE! People don't just follow one acccount 😉

Instagram always adapts to the latest trends and circumstances and is THE platform par excellence for marketing and advertising. That's not going to change anytime soon. NOW is definitely the time to take off!

Will there be any other costs?

This is a one-time payment or an instalment payment. It is not a subscription and you have lifelong access to the INSTA PRO Academy after your payment.

If you have registered a business you may deduct the costs (depends on your country).

Will more videos be added to the INSTA PRO Academy?

The INSTA PRO Academy is not an online course that you watch once and then forget. We are an online academy that accompanies you on your way to success. Since we never stop learning, there will be more fresh content that you, as an INSTA PRO Academy member, will always have access to.

I am self-employed and want to push my business with Instagram? Will this course help me?

Absolutely! The course content is valuable for both influencers and self-employed people. Big companies have been using Instagram for years to get their products & services to the right target group and many start-ups have become really big through Instagram.

The course will help you learn how to optimise your account, which mistakes to avoid at all costs, how to plan and create your content (module 5 also covers product photography), how to choose the right hashtags & how to use reels for your business.

I have been active for years and am not growing at all. Can the course change that?

Of course you can! Whether you're just starting Instagram today or you've been at it for a long time, growth can be planned. You may have been on Instagram for a long time, but have no idea what you need to do to become successful and therefore always stay in one place. In the course you will learn step by step how to optimise your account and push your reach. You'll also learn what mistakes you've made or are still making that are holding you back from growth.

Why become an influencer / content creator?

While many people have lost what should have been secure jobs and sources of income in the last two years, I have achieved my highest turnover during this time.

Instagram allows you to work flexibly and from anywhere. Even more, as an influencer you get paid to test the latest trends before anyone else, visit cool restaurants and travel. You're your own boss, you set your own hours and you plan the way that works for you.


time saving

0% risk

All in one

plan for success

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