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Rock Your Reels

✅ Get new followers

✅ Increase your reach

✅ Build a loyal community

Only with your mobile phone

Your problem: No new followers

Between 2020 and 2022, my following has stagnated.

During this time, I had my existing community, but I hardly reached any new people. That's why my account didn't grow any further.

This changed in February 2022....

In the statistics you can see how I was able to increase my Folower with Reels in a very short time.

For complete analysis see Not Just Analytics

here you can see how Reels increased my number of followers

The solution: Reels

Thanks to Reels, I was able to gain 80,000 new followers in just 30 days & build a monthly reach of 4 million.

No paid advertising, no fake followers, no follow / unfollow, support groups or other tricks!

What are reels?

Reels are short videos that are 10-30 seconds long.

Since the introduction of reels, Instagram prefers this format and gives it significantly more reach. Other formats, such as images or stories, now reach fewer people on Instagram.

Those who still want to grow with images are unfortunately doomed to failure.

My videos did not immediately reach millions of users. A learning process was necessary, which took me a lot of time. This was necessary to work out a successful strategy. Only then was I able to increase my reach many times over and gain 250,000 new followers.

... and thats in only 4 months.

What does the course teach me?

Finding ideas for your reels

Create high quality reels on the mobile phone

The magic formula for viral reels

Gain followers

Who is the course for?

For anyone who wants to grow on Instagram and reach manypeople . It doesn't matter if you are a hobby Instagrammer, a t influencer or a business owner/self-employed.

Small accounts in particular can benefit greatly from Reels despite a low number of followers.

By the way, the Rock your Reels strategies work for every niche.

here you can see how many people I have reached through reels

Rock your Reels

One time payment
Lifetime access
Access to upcoming content
✅ Suitable for all niches
✅ You only need your mobile phone




So my reach was super low and now look how that has changed through the Reels. Madness!

Janina @the.patchworkfamily

Verified purchase. More information

Reach many people with reels

INSTA PRO Academy participant

I found the "Reels" module the most interesting and important. Because just through that you can reach so many more people. Participating in the course was definitely more than worth it.

Sarah @sarinspired

Verified purchase. More information

Valuable info

INSTA PRO Academy participant

My goal was to get the most out of my Instagram profile and thanks to your course it all worked out great.

All the contents of the course are incredibly valuable. The topic of image editing and reels helped me the most. Because I didn't really have any experience in image editing and no experience in reels, it was really great.

Thank you for this valuable course.


Verified purchase. More information


Have just finished the course and am thrilled 🤩 thanksss

Karina @_kleene_mrs.ka

Verified purchase. More information

Couldn´t stop watching

Hey 🙋 your "Rock your Reels" course was great 😍 I watched it straight away in the evening.


Verified purchase. More information

Reel Tutorials 

In the course you will learn to use cool transitions & effects to make your reels even more interesting. And all this only with your mobile phone.

Will the course also help me grow on TikTok?

YES, of course. In the course you learn how to create viral videos. They work the same on Instagram as they do on TikTok.

Besides Instagram, I have also grown a lot on TikTok! I grew from only 30k followers to over 180k followers in just 2 months.

Without much extra effort, because I can use one video for both platforms. 

Viral videos go viral on all platforms!

Rock your Reels course also helps you grow and generate reach on TikTok
through my reels strategies I could also grow a lot on TikTok

Why Rock your Reels?

"Tori, what will your online course do for me?"

Thanks to the course, you save a lot of time because you get all my knowledge in a compact, structured and understandable way.

"But Tori, there are sooo many free videos about Reels".

Of course, you can also watch one YouTube video after another. But, if you're reading this and thinking about getting Rock your Reels, those "great" free videos still haven't helped.

Photography, Inspiration & Instagram


I have been active for years and am not growing at all. Can the course change that?

Reels in particular can finally make you grow!

Do I need a camera or expensive programmes to create reels?

No, you don't. A mobile phone and a free app are enough 😉

I only film, edit and post my reels with my mobile phone myself.

There is so much competition on Instagram. Can I even become successful in 2022?

There is not just one actor, one singer, one lawyer or one chef. No matter what field, there is ALWAYS competition. But everyone is different, everyone has something special & for everyone there is the right target group.

That's the reason why new people keep coming in and succeeding in the most diverse fields 🚀

That is exactly why I offer this course. Just because someone else has success doesn't diminish my own. YOU can become big on Instagram, it won't make me smaller. There are enough followers for EVERYONE! People don't just follow one acccount 😉

Instagram always adapts to the latest trends and circumstances and is THE platform par excellence for marketing and advertising. That's not going to change anytime soon. NOW is definitely the time to take off!

Will there be any other costs?

This is a one time payment. It is not a subscription.

If you have registered a business you may deduct the costs (depends on your country).

Course overview



What are reels

Reels algorithm

Important factors for the algorithm

4 Types of virality

Tips for better performance

Magic formula for viral reels

Magic formula in use

Tips for better video quality

Find ideas

How to gain followers with reels

Reels Myths

Common mistakes

Bonus tips

Editing on the mobile phone + tutorials

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